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International Aerogram

Notepaper printed by Correios already franked (pre-paid) that, when correctly folded, takes the shape of an envelope. Destined to shipment to other countries and is also accepted for shipment within the country, in case sender so wants.

Service availability:

From Brazil to any foreign country.

Who can buy and send: Natural persons, upon payment at sight, and juridical persons upon payment at sight or to be invoiced in contract.

How it works:

The client acquires the international aerogram at one Correios post office or electronic store, writes the message on the aerogram, folds and closes the envelope.  Postage can be made at any Correios post office of by means of deposit in any Correios collection box.

In case of delivery fail to addressee, the international aerogram will be returned to sender.

Delivery: Delivery location:

According to the country of destination, it can be delivered at addressee home or in a local mail postal unit.

Return: In case of delivery fail to addressee, the international aerogram will be returned to sender.

Why use this service?

- The iternational aerogram is practical for being a notepaper, envelope and stamp in one single piece;  - It is valid at any  time, even when there is tariff adjustment; - It can be sent at any moment;
- It can be completed in the office or at home; - Your papernote  serves as instrument for divulgation of Brazilian culture aspects.

Where to buy and post: Buy international aerograms in Correios post offices and electronic store.

Post it in all Correios post offices or in any Correios collection box.

How much:

See International aerogram price

How to pay:

Payment conditions in Correios electronic store:

- Bank payment slip; - Credit card; - Correios postage card  (available only for juridical person clients upon contract*)

In Correios post offices

  • Cash;
  • Credit card;
  • Debit card;
  • Correios postage card (only for juridical person, upon contract)
  • Checks from the same city and by the interested person, order check to ECT or to Empresa Brasileira de Correios e Telégrafos (Brazilian Post and Telegraph Company).  Learn check payment condition. Link to (http://www.correios.com.br/precosPrazos/pagamentoCheque.cfm)


For postage, no value will be charged to client besides the value charged for buying international aerogram.

* Contracts can be made in each state  commercial managements.

Delivery: Delivery location at domicilie or postal unit, depending on the country of destination.

Foreseen delivery terms:

Terms vary according to the country of destination.

Guard terms: Guard periods in Correios post office are provided to objects that are available for withdrawal in Correios post offices when requested or in case home delivery is impossible.

In case of delivery failure, the international aerogram will be returned to sender. In cases where return to sender at home is not possible, the guard period for international aerogram under return is 20 days, from the day following the day when it was made available to sender.

Weight limit: Maximum weight limit for international aerogram is  20 g