Pro customer initiaves during the work stoppage

To our customer audience

We inform that CORREIOS and the unions attended a conciliation hearing at the Superior Labor Court in Brasília (DF) on the past Friday (11). As no agreement has been reached between the parties about a collective bargaining proposal, Reporting Justice Kátia Magalhães Arruda has set the date of the trial for this next monday (21).

We reinforce that CORREIOS has been implementing all the procedures set forth in our Business Continuity Plan, such as, among others, office clerks realocations, operating services carried out on the weekends by dedicated task forces, and even the hiring of outsourced services whenever such procedure is permitted by law with a view to avoiding a situation of public calamity. Such schemes aim at keeping on offering the service performance in all our corporate áreas.

However, in view of the duration of the partial work stoppage, along with the harmful impacts of the Covid 19 pandemic on our workforce, our service performance has been affected. Service restoration-oriented efforts are being made and the new delivery deadlines will be informed accordingly.

Our liaison staff is at your disposal for anything you may need.


The Business Directorate