Reduction in the value of the Additional Charge for Special Handling by Format and Dimension

Newsletter No.13 – April 1st, 2020.

Dear customer,

We communicate the exceptional reduction in the price charged on Special Handling by Format and Dimension from R$79.00 to R$20.00.
This charge applies to postage of parcels packaged in a roll, cylindrical or spherical format or to packages containing a dimension between 71 and 100 cm, with no change in the conditions and rules established for the application of the additional charge or the other pricing rules of the services.
We clarify that the exceptionality does not apply to the Large Format Fee, charged on postage of orders larger than 100 cm, whose charge amount remains R$79.00.
This measure aims to make our customers' posts viable in the sensitive scenario that COVID-19 brought to their businesses and reinforces, once again, the Post Office's commitment to minimize the impact of the pandemic in the country.
The new amount is valid from April 6th to May 6th, 2020, and may be extended as required by customers.

 Kind regards,
Business Board