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Service that allows generation and printing of labels for addressing of correspondences and parcels to be posted in Correios.

Service availability: In all national territory

Who can use it: Natural or juridical persons;


Versions: Web 
Addressing and printing of labels information are made directly in Correios website.

Labels for letters
sheet with 14 labels - dimension: 101.6 x 33.9 mm
- Pimaco - Ref: 6082 - 6182 - 6282 - 62582
- Avery - Ref. 05162 - 15162 - 25162 - 95162
- Colacril - Ref. 4009 - 4010

Labels for parcels
1. Sheet with 4 labels - dimension: 138.11 x 106.36 mm
    - Pimaco - Ref: 6088 - 6288
    - Avery - Ref. 15188 - 25188
    - Colacril - Ref. 4083 - 4084

2. Sheet with 2 labels - dimension: 138.11 x 211.72 mm
    - Pimaco - Ref: 6186 - 6286
    - Avery - Ref. 4003 - 4004
    - Colacril - Ref. 15166 - 25166


Procedures for printing of labels:
- Inform sender zip code (CEP) so that the system can automatically complete the address as field is changed. – In order to check zip code (CEP), click on link “Não sabe o CEP” (CEP not known).                    – Complete sender data, which will be recorded in your work station. In case option “Lembrar meus dados de remetente nesse computador”  (Remember my sender data in this computer) is marked, the procedure will be faster in future uses.  – Inform addressee zip code (CEP), so that the system can automatically complete the address as field is changed. - In order to check zip code (CEP), click on link “Não sabe o CEP” (CEP not known). – After having completed mandatory fields  (with asterisk) of sender and addressee forms, click on “Gravar Rótulo” (Record label) button. – After recording, view information in each label and, in case any alteration is required, click on sender. – In order to exclude any label, click on icon marked with a croxx, at the right of respective addressee. – To generate new labels and complete data in form displayed on screen, click on “Grava Rótulo” button.
- To print labels, click on “Gerar Rótulo” (generate label) button, after having adjusted your browser configuration:                                          1. Enter “Arquivo” (file) and choose “Configurar Página” (configure page).                                                                                                     2. On the following screen, delet any information in “Cabeçalho” (heading) and “Rodapé” (footnote) fields.                                            3. Mark “Retrato” (portrait) item.
4. Set all margins as 5 mm (left, right, superior, inferior).                    5. Set paper size as A4.
6. Click on OK (these configurations will be recorded and need not be repeated in the next use of Addresser).
- Print labels.

Where to print labels: - A4 size paper. – Directly on labels.

Criteria for issue and secrecy: - At each access, the addresser stores in client computer data of up to 4 labels. – Even after recording the 4th label, the client may alter or exclude registered information.          – These data will not be stored by Correios and will not be used for any other purpose.


Addressing information and labels printing are made in a system that must be installed in user computer. Download Office Addresser in your computer.

Besides all web version labels, the office version also accepts the following labels:
Labels for letters
1. Sheet with 10 labels - dimension: 101.6 x 50.8 mm
    - Pimaco - Ref: 6083 - 6183 - 6283
    - Avery - Ref. 05163 - 15163 - 25163 - 95163
    - Colacril - Ref. 4011 - 4012

2. dimension: 101.6 x 50.8 mm
    - Pimaco - Ref: 6083 - 6183 - 6283
    - Avery - Ref. 05163 - 15163 - 25163 - 95163
    - Colacril - Ref. 4011 - 4012

3. dimension: 99.0 x 55.8 mm
    - Pimaco - Ref: A4250 - A4350

3. Sheet with 14 labels - dimension: 99.1 x 38.1 mm
   - Pimaco - Ref: A4263 - A4363
    - Avery - Ref. L07163 - L17163 - L27163
    - Colacril - Ref. 4073 – 4074

Procedures for issue of labels: Parcels: - Click on ‘Etiquetas’ (labels) menu– option ‘Encomendas’ (paecels) or click on Etiquetas (labels) button for Parcels in tool bar.  – Choose label size to be used via 4 labels per sheet or 2 labels per sheet options.  – In ‘include telephone in labels’ mark sender or addressee so that the telephone chosen is printed on label. – Select, in ‘select addressees’ button, ‘sender’ option and then ‘addressee’ option. This option allows choice of more than one addressee. Select ‘groups’ button to choose a group to remove or a defined addressee. To delet all addressees, click on ‘Remove all’ button.

Services in which the addresser can be used: - SEDEX and its several modalities; - PAC parcel; - Correspondences.

Letters: - Click on ‘Labels’ menu – ‘Letters’ option or click on Labels for Letters button in toolbar.                                                                   – Choose label size to be used by means of ‘14 labels per sheet’ or ‘10 labels per sheet’.                                                                                           – In ‘include telephones in label’ option, mark Sender or Addressee so that the chosen telephone is printed on label.                                         – Click on ‘I want to print labels’ button, mark ‘Sender’ option to select a specific sender.                                                                           – Insert the amount of labels you want to print in ‘how many times you want to print sender’ option. To print only addressees labels, mark ‘I want to print addressee labels’ button                                                         - Click on ‘Remove addressee’ button to remove an addressee. To delet all addressees, click on ‘Remove all’ button.  Click on ‘I want to print labels’ option, ‘Sender and Addressee’ option to print senders and addressees labels.

Criteria for issue and secrecy: - The Office Addresser records information  entered by clients only in their own equipment, and there is no storage in Correios of data entered for labels preparation.

For companies with regular postage of parcels, Correios offer SIGEP – Postage Management System. For more information, request commercial contact by means of General Manifestation.

Telephone indication: Though not being mandatory, sender and specially addressee telephone indication can assist in delivery process, mainly when addressing is not complete or is incorrect.

Why use this service?

- Issue of standardized addressing labels. – Labels with zip code (CEP) in bar code validated by DNE.- Easiness in treatment and objects delivery processes. – More safety in objects forwarding.          – Reduction of addressing mistakes. – Addressee address printing directly on envelope.

How much: The service is not charged.

Attention! The price for postage of parcels remains the same, with or withou use of Addresser.  

Attention! The use of the Addresser is not mandatory, but it is an option to the client, who may address his/her correspondences by other means.  

The client may, for more convenience, or due to the size of pack used, split the label in the line immediately above sender data, which will allow fixing of addressee data on a parcel space and sender data in another space.

In case of doubt regarding the service, register General Manifestation providing details of the doubt.

Access Web addresser or download Office addresser version