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Custom envelope

It is an envelope specially printed by Correios, upon request by client. Indicated to special correspondences, because it allows customization with client images.

Service availability: in all national territory

Who can buy it: - Natural persons (cash) and juridical persons (cash or to be invoiced).

Characteristics: Minimum order: 3,000 units. 

Material: paper.

Color: White.

How it works: The client supplies the image that will illustrate the custom envelope so that artwork is prepared in Correios and printing is carried out.

Why use this product?

- Ideal for commemorative correspondences and companies divulgation; - Does not require stamps or any other form of seal; - It is valid for any time, even if there is tariff adjustment; 
- Displays appropriate fields for correct sender and addressee addressing.

Where to buy: In Correios post offices. Commercial assistants may also sell at client’s residence. Contracts can be made in  each state commercial managements or through visits by commercial assistants.

How much: Check prices

How to pay:
Cash; - Checks from the same city and by the interested person, order check to ECT or to Empresa Brasileira de Correios e Telégrafos (Brazilian Post and Telegraph Company). 

 To be invoiced: Only for juridical persons, upon contract.