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FAC – Authorized Franking of Letters

Service destined to juridical person, for postage of large volumes of simple and registered letters, upon previous franking of objects.

Service availability: In all national territory

Who can use it: Juridical persons with contract.

Characteristics: Modalities:Simple FAC and Registered FAC

     Postage prerequisites:
      - CIF (Franking information code) bar code  - specific for Simple FAC;
     - Standard franking seal; 
     - Pre-sorting;     - Electronic Postage Report; 
     - Correct and complete ZIP code and addressing. 
Discounts:      - Volume of posted objects; 
     - Postage in anticipated hours; 
     - Unitized cargo; 
     - Automatable Format object; 
     - Zip code in bar code (CEPNet) in automatable object; 
     - Registration code; 
     - Postage date. 

Discounts: - Volume of posted objects; 
- Postage in anticipated hours; 
     - Unitized cargo; 

How it works:

Basic services:Home Delivery
- Automatic return to sender in case of non-delivery

Delivery: - Learn FAC Delivery terms.

In case of delay in delivery of objects posted under registration, compensation will correspong to object postage value, excluded registration value and other additional services, when applicable.

Why use this service?

- Electronic return: optional service added to FAC, through which the client is daily provided with electronic file containg information on reasons of objects non-delivery, without need to physical return. For more details, contac one of our commercial representatives.  
- For registered FAC, tracking  in postage and delivery; 
- Propose Local, State and National delivery; 
- Collection without additional costs, subject to Correios operational feasibility.

To contract FAC contact one of our commercial representatives in your region.

Prices and Terms

- Learn FAC prices and discounts .

- Learn FAC delivery terms.

Weight limit: - Maximum weight: 500 grams per object. For objects with weight superior to 500g, the same conditions of SEDEX VALUE and installment will be applied.

Prerequisites for FAC use: 
- FAC* service standard franking seal; 
- Pre-sorting;       - Correct and complete ZIP code and addressing; 
   - Electronic;  - For Simple FAC, place on wrapper CIF (Franking information code) bar code; - download image from “images” item  - for registered FAC, indicate on wrapper the number of register in bar code and postage date.

FAC franking form: For services rendered upon contract, the use of specific Seal for the contracted service as form of franking is mandatory. Other information: - Franking seals are symbols pre-printed on correspondence that represent the object speed modality in postal traffic; 
- FAC Seal is represented by a circle characterizing Urgent Delivery speed; 
- Seal model is standardized for exclusive use by Correios; - Seal model is supplied to client via electronic file, along with all required guidance for its preparation (download standard franking seal image from "Images" item)

Additional services: - Registration; - Return Receipt
Mão Própria (Own Hand); - Stated Value
- Minimum monthly invoice quota

Postage preparation: Zip code search; - Addresser;
Post offices; - Collection call;

Addressing: See how to correctly address your object.

After postage: - Object tracking.


Glossary of FAC terms