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Postal Bank – Receiving of Accounts

Makes possible to public in general to make payments of consumption bills, bonds and taxes in hours longer than those in banks services.

Service availability: In all national territory, in Correios post offices that operate as Postal Bank.

How it works

What can I pay?
a) Consumption bills (water, electricity, telephone and gas): Values related to consumption bills of companies with convenant with Banco do Brasil. You can pay your water, electricity, telephone and gas bills on any date and according to instructions included in the document.
b) Bank payment slips: Collection of values related to Banco do Brasil expired or to be expired bank papers and papers from other banks until maturity date.
c) Taxes: - Social Security Payment Slip (GPS); - Simple DARF;
- Black DARF; - IPTU (Urban land and building tax), IPVA (tax on automotive vehicles),  Licensing and DPVAT insurance (Recived only with bar code and in localities which have convenant with partner bank).

Postal Bank will only receive bills with bar code.  

Where can I pay?
At any Postal Bank agencies.

Obs: Check limits for payments in Postal Bank agencies.

Why use this service?

This service major advantage is the possibility to make payments in longer hours as compared to banks hours service.