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Statement of value

Service by which the client states the value of goods and other valuable objects posted under register, for compensation in case of deviation or spoliation. The service foresees indemnification of amount stated, proportional to the content damage (partial or total).

As you post an object, request addition of Statement of Value in case you want it.  

Prices and Terms

Every parcel has an automatic indemnification, paid when there is no statement of value; see the value paid at: Automatic Indemnification 

The statement of value is charged at 1% ratio on stated value; this will be the indemnification value, when applicable.   

The statement of value of good destined to commercialization will be subject to taxation, and shall have fiscal document, according to legislation in force.

Fulfilment of tax legislation is the Sender’s responsibility. 

For transfer of personal objects, the form Content Discrimination, duly completed, can be used, in two copies, with object data and value. Fiscal document or content discrimination shall be preferably packed in transparent plastic sticker envelope provided by Correios and externally fixed to the object.