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Warranted return

Service that warrants restitution, optional, to sender of objects posted through Normal printed matters and Special printed matters and Postal direct mail services whose delivery to addressee was not possible. Services mentioned above do not provide right to automatic devolution.

Service availability: in all national territory

Who can use it: - Juridical person, for-profit or nonprofit, with or without contract;

Why use this service?

- Updating of client cadaster;
- Reuse of promotional material.

Special printed matters or postal direct mail:
Permission to use the service shall be included in contract.

Normal printed matters: Service at post office, without contract and in cash
The interested person will sign a declaration of commitment with Correios that contains criteria and guidance for service identification seal.                                                                                                         – documents required for declaration signature are: CNPJ (corporate taxpayer registry), company certificate of incorporation, TIN and ID of representative who sign the declaration;                                            - the numbering of DECLARATION OF COMMITMENT will be the sequence established by respective Regional Directorship;   
- after signature of DECLARATION OF COMMITMENT, the model of service identification seal is provided to client.  


The client will not be charged for the service.

- Obligatoriness of indication, by client, of sender address for devolution; 
-For restitution of objects to addressee, it is required the printing of service identification seal below or at the left side of distribution service franking seal; 
- Use of the seal is optional and must be indicated on objects only when there is interest in devolution.

- For Normal printed matters:
a) print must be located at upper right angle of object obverse below the space destined to franking by seal or machine;  b) the post office unit or franchisee post office name to which the declaration of commitment is linked must be included in seal at lower outside part, as well as its number, signature year and original regional directorship acronym;
c) postages shall only be made in linked unit. – the client shall indicate the seal through graphic print, tag or seal; - the client must place printed, in appropriate location, and according to standard adopted by Correios, the reasons of non-delivery.

Postage procedures are the same as defined for special printed matters and postal direct mail services