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Cases: For each goal, one experience

Learn more details about each experience and see how Correios can contribute to the success of your campaign. There are solutions for your every need, from increasing sales to recovering clients.

Expert advice on good business opportunities with Direct Mail: and that is not all. Correios provide a team of experts on Direct Marketing actions using Direct Mail to help you in whatever is needed in every Brazilian state.

The Direct Marketing Business Consulting Office, located in São Paulo since 2001, is a specialized consultancy, guidance and support area in order to develop Direct Marketing, as well as encourage and facilitate the use of Correios' solutions. If you are a small, medium or large company, an advertising agency, a Direct Marketing company, a Telemarketing, a Fulfillment, a Printers or an e-commerce company, or an association linked to the Direct Marketing segment and need to clarify how best to benefit from Correios' solutions we are ready to listen and help you.

Increasing Sales

Specialty: Campaign - Sales - B2C

Increasing revenues and sales is a constant challenge for all companies. To remain competitive and profitable in this market it is necessary to take more assertive actions and talk to those who are most likely to buy.

See how Fiat segmented its audience and got an excellent return from its sales campaign!

Objective/Problem: To accelerate the sales of vehicles and prospect customers to purchase the Fiat Linea in Belo Horizonte at the dealerships' network.

Creative Solution: The strategy adopted to define the target audience was to look for customers and prospects on the Web Motors website and do a physical mapping of these in regions close to the dealerships.

The concept of this campaign was "a Super Deal at FIAT" where all the publicity offered good conditions for purchasing a car. Among the actions taken, one direct mail with a good deal certificate, with details of the Linea offer, was sent.

Check out the results of this campaign:
- Response rate in leads: 16%;
- Increased revenues in relation to the leads: 39%.

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Winning New Clients

Specialty: Campaign - Generation of Leads - B2B

See what Aon Consulting did to win new customers with different and creative publicity that arose the sense of confidence in the company.

Objective/Main Problem: Strengthen Aon’s sales, a risk management, insurance brokerage, reinsurance and benefits consulting company, in times of crisis, as companies had reduced investments in benefits. Target audience: Companies included in the group of the 1,000 biggest and best companies published by Exame magazine in 2008. There were 885 companies and 1,605 Financial Departments, CEOs, VPs and HR executives.

Solution: The Company needed to spark the interest of a group with a high demanding profile, major companies, so it was necessary to do something innovative that could spark the interest of such an audience. The action consisted of one distinguished piece of publicity, an umbrella that would present the image of a clear sky on the inside, symbolizing that even in times of crisis every company has the safety of having a partner like Aon Consulting. The direct mailing was sent to more than one person per company, strengthening the chances of a successful return from the action, increasing the possibility of reaching the decision maker.

Some days after this action, account managers called these companies in order to schedule a meeting.

Response rate in leads: 29.08%.

Brand Building

Specialty: Campaign - Lead Generation - B2B

Power GVT (telephone and broadband internet company)

Objective/Problem: Make its brand known in Recife and promote the ultra-speed of its internet broadband, the Power GVT.

Creative Solution: Segmentation and acquisition of mailing lists of potential consumers in the region.

For this purpose mailing was sent inviting the client to access a hot site and through the reality of the increased technology it was possible to virtually "see and wear" a hand and feel the power of the internet in your hands. For the success of the action, the selection of the target audience was the central point. It was necessary to innovate, strengthen GVT’s position, and have the sales appeal in order for clients to be attracted by the offer.

The action reached 25,000 prospects; 1,173 return calls, and the conversion of 487 sales, which represents nearly a 5% response.

Specialty: Campaign - Generation of Leads - B2B

Padrinhos da Baitaca (Opus Múltipla Integrated Communications)

Objective/Problem: Consolidate their image as an environmentally responsible company with customers through the concern with sustainability as a competitive edge.

Creative Solution: Use Direct Marketing in a different way to win the admiration of their clients, involving them in the cause directly.

They took advantage of the Day of the Tree to communicate their environmental commitment in a surprising way. After a partnership with the Mountaineering Federation of Paraná, 96 native trees were planted in the Baitaca Ridge; they had been offered to the executives selected in the mailing action.

Each "godparent" received a card with a password to view the photo of his/her "godchild" on the campaign's hot site, in addition to periodic information about the area and a follow-up of the seedlings.

Messages of congratulations for the action by the contemplated individuals and it became news in many relevant sites, in addition to leading others to join the cause.
60% interacted with the actions' hot site.
Accelerated recovery of the area in 10 years.

- A Gift Card with a password - the godparent accesses the hot site and sees a picture of the "godchild".

Retaining Customers

Specialty: Campaign - Sales - B2C

See what Peugeot did to retain its customers, making greater use of its dealership network to perform vehicle maintenance services.

Objective/Problem: Improve people’s perception of the brand’s dealerships’ prices, encouraging customer loyalty to the services of the Peugeot network, especially after the first car tune-up and increase the flow of services at the dealerships in 8%.

Audience: Customers who bought Peugeot cars models 206, 207 and 307 between the 10th to 30th months after purchase. This way, targeted customers who have already made the first maintenance (around the seventh month) and older clients as well, who are more likely to look for independent garages. The total number of customers impacted was 13,504.

Solution: There was a lot to be said about the service plans and products offered by Peugeot, and in order for them to be concise and attractive, a direct mail was created in the shape of a disk that when it was spun around, it revealed the prices and promotional plans through windows. Furthermore, to encourage customers to take their cars for tune-ups at dealerships, a free tune-up was exclusively offered to clients of the brand and those who used its services received a thermal mug with Peugeot's logo.

Total responses: 4,939
Response rate: 37%
Return on Investment: 527%.
During the campaign, an average increase of 12% in the number of visits to the dealerships or 530 additional customers was observed.

Specialty: Campaign - Sales - B2C

See what Citibank did to increase its revenue from its existing customers, supporting the idea that segmentation combined with direct mail's traditional media brings great results: it reached the right audience with the right offer.

Objective/Problem: To encourage the use of Citibank's overdraft above the average level of use. Target audience: Customers who had used the minimum value of R$ 500.00 in overdrafts within the month of March, 2009. Total impact: 63,000.

Solution: A simple and low cost piece of publicity was created. In addition, it should have an educational format because the offer was difficult to assimilate, so an analogy was made between escalators in a shopping mall that simultaneously show the use of the overdraft increasing, while the interest rates go down.

Responses: 9,450
Response rate: 15%
ROI: 11,800%

Raise Funds and Donations

Specialty: Campaign - Sales - B2C

Fundraising is one of the biggest challenges for organizations of the third sector. Improving and innovating the ways to raise funds are key strategies for receiving more funds.

Learn about the action developed by Doctors without Borders in order to attract new donors.

Objective/Problem: Increase the average share of donations, convert occasional into frequent donors, and advertise the vaccination campaign and the work of medical and humanitarian aid made by the Doctors without Borders - MSF.

Creative Solution: To emphasize communications and encourage donations, creative pieces of publicity were designed with beautiful images of people who are helped by the MSF.

The action was carried out using Direct Mail and e-mails that were sent to occasional donors of the Doctors without Borders (active and inactive donors with recency of up to 36 months). The concept of the campaign was that "Without donations there are no actions, vaccination or transformation."

Check out the results:
ROI (Return on Investment): 504%;
Average donation: R$ 58.14.

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Promoting Events

Specialty: Campaign - Sales - B2C

Encourage your potential customer to try out your product/service and/or make it better known! Make as many people know about it and attend your event.

See what Caixa Econômica Federal did to bring as many people as possible to the 5th Home Ownership Trade Show and generate sales!

Objective/Problem: Make sure that the greatest number of people would come to the trade show, remain a leader in the real estate financing industry and expand the marketing of credit for the acquisition of real estate.

Creative Solution: A customized direct mail was developed and sent out inviting all the participants of the event held the previous year, people who had simulated financing on Caixa's site, and people who had already had their credit pre-approved to the trade show.

Check out the results considering the people who received direct mailing:
Total number of people who received direct mailing: 500,000
Number of people who got the loan: 30,547 - 6.11%
Total amount financed: R$ 2.5 billion

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Recovering Clients

Specialty: Subscription - B2C

Customization as a competitive edge to recover subscribers.

Objective/Problem: To recover magazine subscribers who chose not to renew their Exame magazine subscriptions until the end of the delivery period of the magazine.

Creative Solution: Development of a bold approach to this group of subscribers. A fully customized direct mail with an engaging text was sent in letter format and signed by Exame's Head Director. The communication had a more personal and engaging tone.

The renewal offer already came with a payment slip printed on the back. What made a great difference was sending to all subscribers customized luggage name tags, with their names and addresses, which enhanced the concept of proximity of this action.

The action represented an 82% conversion rate growth on that offer.
The return on investment was 1.352% (over revenues).

Specialty: Campaign - Sales - B2C

One thing leads to another and all together they lead to the new Doblô

Objective/Problem: Achieve 300 sales of the renovated car model in the first 2 months of the campaign, through the identification of customers who had a history of buying the brand. There was an evolutionary trend to buy a Doblô.

Creative Solution: The target was men and women between the ages of 30 and 45, who need a spacious vehicle to transport their family. The offer of the car was made by direct mail intended to intensify the relationship with the brand, present the renovation of the car, and invite the client to schedule a test-drive.

The Direct Mail allowed people to visualize their paths as customers at Fiat showing that each one of their cars represented a part of their history and that now they all lead to the New Doblô.

The total investment was R$ 91,321.23
9,123 people impacted and 775 leads were generated.
The response rate was 5.5% and the return on investment was 796%.