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Mailing solutions

Suitable to the format of your promotional materials and tailored to customer relationship activities, our solutions meet your needs, whether they are intended to:

1. Advertise special offers directly to customers, prospect clients or opinion leaders;
2. Promote the renewal of services and direct sales;
3. Invite customers to events and lectures;
4. Bring people to stores and showrooms;
5. Request donations and support for specific causes;
6. Send a personalized message to a select group of people;
7. Advertise new points of sales, products and services (including sending samples and gifts);
8. Gain or retain customers and other actions.

This is done by simply choosing among the following services:

Postal Direct Mail

It is the sending and distribution service of a large amount of exclusive promotional pieces, customized or otherwise, which requires fixed monthly investment, payable to cash, by means of a contract. If you have little time for action, use the urgent delivery speed option, with the same deadline as a Letter. If there is time, use the default speed

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Special Printed Materials

It is the delivery and distribution service for small, spare quantities (starting with one object), of exclusively promotional pieces, customized or otherwise, with cash payment and no contract required, available at all Correios' branches.

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Residential Direct Mail

It is a nationwide delivery and distribution service of promotional materials, with no indication of address. The material can be delivered door-to-door in mailboxes or be on display at Correios' Post Offices, according to a segmentation defined by the customer in a selective or random method starting with 1,000 units to be paid in cash or to bill. It is ideal for distributing leaflets, pamphlets and pieces without address, facilitating as well the formation of a mailing list after the customer replies.

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Other mailing solutions

Designed to complement relationship actions and continuing promotions or direct sales, there are other mailing solutions that can help you and your company:

1. Send personal messages and messages of special interest of a group of customers;
2. Offer exclusive benefits to certain groups - tickets (concerts, movies, cultural activities, releases), discounts and prizes;
3. Send messages of appreciation for recent purchases/suggestions/complaints;
4. Carry out the delivery of orders placed through Direct Mail or other e-selling channels.

This is done by simply choosing among the following services:

- Commercial Letters
- Telegrams
- PAC - Economical Order
- Correios' Direct Delivery
- Customized Products