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In order to send or receive money in Brazil and abroad use Correios' Electronic Money Orders. A national and international financial transfer service designed to make your life easier.

Check out the features and benefits:
- The money transfer is done electronically;
- It is easy to use, fast, safe and cheap; 
- There is no charge upon receipt of the shipment;
- It abides by regulations issued by the Central Bank of Brazil and the Council for the Control of Financial Activities (COAF) of the Ministry of Finance; 
- It has a social purpose, in accordance with social inclusion policies (Federal Government of Brazil and the Universal Postal Union - UPU);
- It is available in nearly 6,000 accredited post offices;
- It promotes economic development and income transfers to remote locations.

Electronic Money Order – Domestic

It is Correios' national financial transfer service, which makes it easier to send money between senders and receivers located within the Brazilian territory.

Electronic Money Order – International

It is Correios' international financial transfer service to facilitate sending money from Brazil to countries abroad or receiving money from other countries in Brazil.