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Correios University


Since its foundation in 1969, Empresa Brasileira de Correios e Telégrafos - ECT (Brazilian Company of Post office and telegraph) invests in qualified human resources and improvement of operation quality.  

By the end of the 70s, ECT starts to count on two bodies for training and development of employees: Postal Administration Higher Education School - ESAP, dedicated to higher education personnel and Human Resources Department - DRH, with regional representations to train basic, intermediate and technical levels employees.

In the following years, due to a more aggressive competition, ECT has enlarged operation revenue destined to training activities and has matured the conception of a single orientation for corporate education sector, to fill the gaps left by the former system in force. In practical terms, it was necessary to align educational programs with the Company strategies and also widen these programs’ target public.  

To these needs, we can add the fact that a real multiplication of corporate universities has taken place in the last years, a system adopted by large foreign and national companies. It is in this scenario that, in December 2001, Correios Corporate University -UNICO was created, with the intention of unifying educational actions within the Company and extending them to the whole value chain.

Mission Build organizational knowledge based on required skills to ECT businesses sustainability.

Vision: Be an excellence reference in corporate education in Brazil.

Target public

The system comprehends the whole Company education efforts, in all hierarchic levels. However, its target public is not restricted to Correios employees. It is based on the principle that people buy performance and service expectations. For that reason, there is a need to search quality in the entire Company value chain, diffusing its culture and values as brand reinforcement.  The Company values:

- Clients satisfaction; Respect of employees; Ethics in relationships; Professional competence; Commitment with Government guidelines; Social responsibility and Corporate Excellence.

That, naturally, requires from University to have its action field enlarged and be dedicated to entire post market and value chain integrants. The educational target-public is composed by ECT value chain components, namely:

- employees; third parties; clients; suppliers; partners;
- postal regulators and operators; international bodies;
- community;