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Social aspect

Responsible Unit: Corporate Administration of the Social Responsibility of the Institutional Relationship Department (GRES/DERIN)

The presence of CORREIOS all over Brazil and their logistic capacity contributes to the institutional role play as a national integration agent. These attributes, added to the social vocation, to the universalization goal of the postal services and to the bank inclusion, transform the company into one of the main national actors of public policies and actions of social responsibility. CORREIOS responds to the governmental and social demands in several forms. Following are the major ones:

Corporate actions (national scope)

Papai Noel dos Correios (CORREIOS Santa Claus) – Initiative that mainly aims to answer the children who write to Santa Claus and meets their requests, whenever possible, of Christmas gifts of those who are in a social vulnerability situation. Conducted in all states since 1997, its performance in the past years places it as a main social action developed by CORREIOS and the one with the highest national outreach during Christmas.

Since 2010, CORREIOS has tried to established partnerships with public schools, day-care centers and or public shelters which assist children in situation of social vulnerability. The reason is that CORREIOS Santa Claus is aligned to one of the Millennium Development Goals established by the United Nations Organization (UNO), denominated “Achieve Universal Primary Education”

In the schools, the power of communication is developed by means of letter writing to Santa Claus. Thus, the campaign contributes to the development of the writing ability, writing letters and, correct addressing.

International Letter Writing Competition – Aims at the development of the writing ability of the youngsters and improvement of the communication through writing. This action is promoted annually by the Universal Postal Union (UPU), established in Bern, Switzerland. In Brazil, the contest is implemented in two phases: state and national. The participation happens by means of the schools (public and private), which select among the essays of their students, the two best letters to be represented by. The best placed essay in each state participates in the national phase, where only one letter is chosen to represent Brazil in the international phase. Students up to 15 years old participate, previously selected in the national phases.

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CORREIOS Cultural Centers – CORREIOS also contribute to the development of the Brazilian society and has as one of its values the public responsibility and citizenship, supporting the cultural actions.

The company invests in cultural projects and conducts several activities which contribute to the common welfare.

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“CORREIOS against Aids” Campaign – It is part of a global initiative of prevention against the disease. It is a result of a global initiative promoted by UNAIDS, UPU, OI, and UNI Global Union, launched in July, 2009, and which aims to mobilize the structure of more than 660 thousand post office agencies all over the world. Brazil is one of the seven pilot countries of the campaign (along with Burkina Faso, Cameroun, China Estonia, Mali and Nigeria) in order to make the post office agencies become strategic points for the distribution of informative material about prevention for the population in general and for the post office employees.

CORREIOS Express Solidarity – It is a social mobilization action triggered by CORREIOS when officially requested by the governmental authorities, in situations of emergency and public calamity. Traditionally, the action is molded for the reception at the agencies, storage, transportation or delivery of the donations raised.

Social actions of sports sponsorships – By means of continuous sponsorship actions towards Swimming, Indoor Soccer, and Tennis, CORREIOS enable the social insertion of children and teenagers in situations of vulnerability by means of sports practice.

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Institutional sponsorship for social and environmental issues – The CORREIOS sponsorship policy aims at contributing to the improvement of the environmental, social, and economic conditions of the country. Focusing on the business chain, CORREIOS seeks to sponsor actions which may benefit the interested parties, especially the projects that benefit the communities where they are strengthened and their collective welfare and social justice are promoted.

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Donations of Goods – CORREIOS promotes the donation of goods for social interest purposes. The donation of goods enables the social inclusion, the development of the community, the improvement of education, digital inclusion, income generation, professionalization of youngsters and families, among several other elements necessary for the promotion of the development of society. It is social and environmental action, for, besides the social benefits, it promotes the adequate dumping of the goods.

Postal Bank – The Postal Bank was consolidated by the basic banking service rendering all over the national territory, with especial attention to the low income population. Since its creation in 2000, it has effectively participated in the governmental commitment to promote social inclusion.

The Postal Bank actions have benefited the Brazilian population directly and indirectly, for, while offering financial services to the citizens with no access to the banking system, they promote:

- The creation of opportunities for these citizens to a better integration to the economic life;
- The support to the dwellers of isolated regions (particularly the elderly), who once needed to move to other localities, sometimes more than 200 km, in order to receive their benefits and pay their bills;
- The development of the local economy, mainly in the most isolated regions, due to the application of resources of the people who do not need to move from where they live;
- The encouragement of new undertakings, resulting in the generation of more jobs in those localities;
- The increase in the municipal tax collection and mainly the rescue of the citizenship;
- The support to the savings culture.

In addition to all these benefits, the citizens, first without access to the conventional banking services, now can count on the offer of regulated institutional credit.

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Regionalized Actions (state scope)

Child and teenagers sexual exploitation fight – Actions developed jointly or, exclusively, by CORREIOS which aim at the protection of the child and teenager against sexual exploitation.

Accessibility – They are actions which allow a greater autonomy of the physically impaired people. Braille Central is an example of action that promotes accessibility. Aligned to the Decade Declaration of the Americas for the rights and dignity of the impaired by the Organization of the American States (OAE), CORREIOS of Minas Gerais created, in October, 2007, the Braille Postal. The service allows the direct communication between the visually impaired person and the other segments of the society, such as service renderers, commercial stores, banking institutions, public services concessionaires and natural entities in general. Transcription of letters in the Braille language into ink and from ink into Braille is the work conducted by the CORREIOS Braille Central. The structure involves the assistance to mail from all over the country.

Fomentation to Education and Culture – They are actions that focus on the value of culture and Education. In Bahia, CORREIOS have signed a partnership with the Brazilian Lawyers Order (OAB/BA), the Public Ministry of the State and the Bahia Justice Tribunal aiming to fight school evasion, intellectual abandonment and child labor in the state. These institutions integrate the Permanent Committee of Public Schools Administration Monitoring. The Magistrates Association (AMAB) and the Prosecutors Association (AMPEB) also support the action.

Health – They are the actions that promote the care with health. An example was the campaign against dengue in the Amazon state, conducted in partnership with the Ministry of Health.

Professional Development/Inclusion in the work market – In this segment, the outstanding initiative is the promotion by CORREIOS in partnership with the Foundation of Support to the Technical School of Rio de Janeiro State (FAETEC. Inaugurated in May, 2009, in the Benfica district, the 15th CVT of Rio de Janeiro supports the qualification of workers with professionalizing courses in the areas of civilian construction, service rendering and beauty care, and classes for the education of youngsters and adults in the primary and secondary school.

Promotion of the diversity, equity and discrimination fight – In addition to the governmental partnerships signed in national level (link for agreements) the Rio Grande do Sul CORREIOS conducted the “Correios Negro” action, which aims to the dissemination of the culture and history of the afro ethnicity in Brazil and in the world. Another initiative of the Rio Grande do Sul CORREIOS is the “Woman CORREIOS”, which forms multipliers to disseminate preventive information to fight violence against women.

Inclusion of Inmates – It is an action that has as perspective the promotion of the recovery and reinsertion of the convicted to the society, assuring the practice of their rights, rescue of their citizenship and a greater autonomy.