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Code of Ethics


1st Art. The present Code aims to orient relationship among Correios employees and its whole value chain, in an effort to generate a mutual commitment aligned to the adoption of a transparent posture that involves ethics valorization, contributing to ECT credibility in society.
Single paragraph. Principles and values that depict the Company identity as a whole, motivating ethical behavior in Correios, so that a larger number of people adopt and follow them as guide to professional and personal behavior.


2nd Art. ECT Code of Ethics applies to all Company employees and associates, unfolding to its whole relationships chain.

Basic Principles

3rd Art.  Within its strategic planning, Correios value:
1. Clients’ satisfaction;
2. Respect to employees;
3. Ethic in relationships;
4. Professional competence;
5. Commitment with government guidelines;
6. Social responsibility;
7. Corporate excellency;
8. Good relationship with partners, suppliers, clients and competition;
9. Initiative, participation and creativity spirit;
10. Constant learning as form of generating knowledge;
11. Professional and personal development;
12. Environment preservation,
13. Public responsibility, citizenship, support to community actions, health, culture, education and sports;
14. Respect to legislation in force.

Relationships in Work Environment

Art. 4th. Correios, its employees and associates shall contribute to the creation and maintenance of a safe and healthy work environment.  

Art. 5th. Correios professionals shall exert their tasks with courtesy, loyalty, dedication, honesty, justice spirit, cooperation, responsibility and shall watch over the Company image, without prejudice of origin, race, gender, color, age, social condition or any other form of discrimination.

Art. 6th. Correios consider employees and associates personal lives as their own matters, and should not be interfered with, since they do not cause damage to the Company image and activities.

Art. 7th. Preservation of work colleagues and hierarchic superiors’ intimacy, privacy, loyalty, honor, and image is fundamental to the adequate interpersonal and professional relations.

Art. 8th. Correios professionals shall respect commitments assumed among them and with the Company, and shall not let themselves be negatively influenced in decisions, and without privileging personal relationships.  

Art. 9th. Those who work at Correios have the right to know how their performance is considered, and shall continuously seek for improving and updating their professional knowledge.

Art. 10th. The Company professionals who have assumed the role of managers shall always aim the well-being and functional progress of people, treat them with correctness, justice and humanity, stimulating esprit de corps.

Art. 11th. Employees and associates who have access to secret information and technological resources, like, Internet, Intranet, Softwares and similar products, shall ensure that such elements are not handled or divulged inadequately.

Relations with Clients

Art. 12th. The commitment with clients satisfaction shall be based on products and services quality, according to the Company objectives.

Art. 13th. Clients shall be served with courtesy and respect, and shall be guided about services possibilities, prices, terms and their characteristics, clearly, with celerity and transparence.

Art. 14th. Complaints, critics and suggestion by clients shall be answered with celerity and precision, with respect to their rights.

Relations with Suppliers, Partners and other Institutions

Art. 15th. Relations among Correios, service rendering companies and suppliers shall be regulated by means of contract, with unbiased and transparent procedures.

Art. 16th. Employees and associates shall not use privileged information obtained with the Company for their own benefit or third parties’.

Art. 17th. Employees and associates shall not accept advantages (which are not their remuneration product), as financial help, commission or donation.  

Art. 18th. Correios shall keep permanent dialogue with employees’ representative entities, to improve mutual growth, without losing the Company’s interests.

Relations with Government

Ar. 19th. Correios acts as cultural and social agent, supporting the country government actions, as well.

Relations with Society

Art. 20th. Correios assume the role of citizen company, aiming to contribute to society development and quality of life, by means of social, educational, cultural and health nature actions.

Relations with Competition

Art. 21st. Competition shall be based on loyalty and respect to market rules and criteria.

Art. 22nd. Correios professionals shall respect competition image, obtaining and providing licit information and keeping require secrecy.  

Art. 23rd. Correios professionals shall treat competition with the same respect as the Company expects to be treated.

Ethics Sector Committee

Art. 24. The Company Ethics Committee is in charge of guiding and giving advice on employees and associates professional ethics with people and public patrimony, with concrete knowledge of imputation or censure-susceptible procedure.  

Single paragraph. Ethics Committee activity will be ruled by by-laws approved by ECT Collegiate Directory.


Art. 25. Without prejudice of eventual corresponding administrative, civil and penal responsibilities, to be investigated in appropriate procedures, the transgression of this Code precept constitutes ethic infraction, subject to censure application. 

Ethics Code Management

Art. 26. This Code management is People Management Directory’s responsibility, which will be in charge of its periodical updating, application, dissemination and divulgation, along with Ethics Committee.

Code Fulfilment

Art. 27. The interpretation and violation of norms contained in this Code will be subject to analysis and judgment by the Company Ethic Committee.   


Art. 28. The present Ethics Code will be valid since its approval and publishing.

Central Administration


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